George has been writing and recording Christian music for over 30 years. For him, the abundant life means enjoying life with his family and friends, creatively expressing the music God sends him, and developing relationships with others who are on the same path. He believes all life experiences have a scriptural basis and can be translated musically. Although his love for music can be traced back to the Motown era, George has more recently become a listener of the likes of Kirk Whalum, Jonathan Butler, Take 6, and Ben Tankard.


In 2003 he completed courses in Recording Engineering at Bristol Studios in Boston. In 2008, a licensed electrician by trade, George used his skills to put together a digital production studio to produce his music and to help other aspiring artist with production of their own original works. He is a Certified ProTools User. G. Productions is dedicated to the development and production of original musical compositions that are associated with a positive message. “Faith, hope, forgiveness and the love and grace of God resound in our recordings. We believe in the power of music to communicate the gospel message, to heal and comfort, to inspire and to promote spiritual health and strength. This is the music that causes folk to tap their feet to the gospel and to dance to the heartbeat of God.”


The title track for his introductory CD was inspired by Matthew 5:13  The problem comes when the salt gets stuck in the salt shaker. This happens when we are more concerned about making impressions than with sharing the God within. God Made Woman, planned to be released in time for Mother’s Day, is a tribute to womanhood. In this piece the first man finds himself fantasizing about what life might be like if there was a creature like himself but different in intriguing and attractive ways. Voila! She appears on the scene and well – listen for yourself..! Romans 7 becomes a soulful cry for divine intervention in Keep Me. Those of us who are honest will admit to sometimes failing miserably at living up to the spiritual maturity we preach to others. Here is a desperate plea to the Father to keep us from falling back into the same old traps the enemy has set for us time and again.


From the digital dance rhythm of Salt Shaker, to the dramatic, echoing melody of Keep Me, to the 4 part harmony of God Made Woman, George demonstrates his versatility of style.

 George and his wife April live in Lincoln, Rhode Island.