My Testimony


I thought I was on a good track. I was a union apprentice electrician. In time I would get my license, make good money and have a good retirement. But one day at work, I heard men talking about a co-worker who died over the weekend. He was 40 years old, in excellent health, but now he was dead. I thought, ‘What if that was me?” All of my great plans would come to nothing. If I could be gone just like that, then why am I here? Suddenly, this became a question that demanded an answer. One thing led to another and I found myself studying the Bible. Could this old book contain the answers? I doubted it. Strangely, the more I studied, the more compelling I found the truths contained therein. But now what? I couldn’t change any more than a leopard can change its spots. Then one fateful day, I clearly heard the voice of God in my heart telling me I was accepted because I believed. He would do the changing. I had heard and read that Jesus died for my sins, but that day, the message and its meaning became crystal clear to me: the cost of all my sins was paid by Jesus Christ, the son of God. He took the punishment, a cruel and vicious death penalty, in my place, so I could go free. I was the one who deserved to go to the cross for all the filth I had committed against God. But Jesus took my place-once and for all time. That realization changed my life forever. I was born again. I’m still far from perfect, but because He rose again, I know I’m destined to be with Him forever.

The music is His special gift to me. And to the best of my ability, I use it to point back to Him. -George